Privacy Policy

Ola Sens Inc. (“Ola” “We” “Our”) takes your privacy very seriously. We are fully committed to our user’s (“You” “Your”) privacy, and to protect the data we collect. Ola honors your personal preferences and provides you with flexibility to control or remove your Personal Information (as defined below).

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of Ola’s terms of services, which are available on Ola website at: (“Terms of Services”). These Terms of Services may be updated by Ola from time to time. Any term not specifically defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Terms of Services.

This Privacy Policy describes how Ola collects and processes your information when you subscribe and use Ola’s products and services including:

  1. Ola Camera
  2. Ola website that may be accessed at (“Site”)
  3. Technical support services accessible through the Site (“Support”)
  4. Ola mobile and tablet application (“Ola Apps”)
  5. Ola Sense AI video and audio analysis (“Ola Sense”)
  6. Subscription services, including services that can be accessed using Ola Apps or Site (“Subscription Services”)

The Personal Information We Collect:

Ola collects personal and statistical information through Ola Apps and Site. The collected information allows us to provide Ola services to our users with via Ola Apps and Site.

Statistical information allows us to understand how visitors navigate and use Ola Apps and Site and is used to provide better service to our users. “Personal information” means any information that personally identifies you such as (but not limited to): name, email, video, audio, billing information.

The information is stored, processed and analyzed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS data centers utilize state-of-the-art security measures and multi-factor access control systems to ensure complete customer privacy (for more information about Amazon’s security please visit AWS Security Center.

We collect the following information:

  1. Registration. Installing and using Ola Camera requires registration to Ola Apps or Site. When registering to Ola Apps or Site you must provide your name and email.
  2. Video and Audio. Once installed, the Ola camera will constantly upload video and audio to the Ola servers, stored on AWS (unless you change the camera settings). Once uploaded to the Ola servers, videos are processed with Ola Sense for operation of Ola Apps and Site and for sending you notifications about events that matter to you.
  3. Biometric data. Ola Sense analyzes video streams to recognize face and body movement of people seen by Ola Camera.
  4. Payment details. Ola uses a third-party payment service which stores your credit card or other billing method information, including payment transactions. The information is used for purchasing / renewing a subscription and purchasing other Ola products or services.
  5. Information you share. We may collect information about videos and cameras you choose to share with friends.
  6. Online Tracking. While using Ola Apps and Site we collect statistical data about browsing using cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies. we also log non personal information used to ensure system integrity and gather information about technical problems.

How We Use the Information We Collect:

  1. Provide you with Ola services. Ola Sense analyzes personal data recorded by your Ola Camera to operate the functionality of Ola Apps. Video and audio recordings are analyzed to mark events, detect and identify people, send notifications. All of Ola Sense’s analysis processes and data storage completely automatic and we ensure that no one but the account owner (or people he shared the account with) can access the stored data.
  2. Develop and improve Ola services. Ola uses the collected information in a statistical, non-personal form to analyze the way users uses the Ola Apps, Site, and support. The analyzed information is used to improve existing functionalities of Ola Apps and Site and to develop additional functionalities.
  3. Maintain Ola’s systems. We’re using the statistical, non-personal data to ensure all parts of the Ola system are working as intended.
  4. Secure our products. We may use statistical analyzed information to protect and secure Ola Camera, Ola Sense, Ola Apps and Site.
  5. Internal data analyses. We use statistical, non-personal information to better understand how customers use the Ola system
  6. Ola special offers. Upon your approval – we may send you Ola special offers to the email you provided. Ola special offers may include the following (but not limited to): information about products, services, offers, subscriptions and promotions.
  7. billing. We use third-party service for processing credit card transactions.

Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Information:

  1. Delete your video and audio. You may remove a camera connected to your account. When doing so we will permanently delete all videos and audios saved to your personal storage on Ola’s servers (located on AWS).
  2. You may also ask us to update your account preferences by submitting a request to

Children’s Privacy

How We Protect Your Personal Information:

Ola uses industry standard methods to protect the data we save. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store and analyze your personal data. We maintain administrative and technical measures to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, unauthorized alternation, unauthorized access and any other form of unlawful processing of your personal information.


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